Don’t risk someone else having a key to your property. You don’t need to change your locks to get new keys. We can usually rekey in under an hour!

What is rekeying?


Rekeying is simply changing the inside parts of a lock to operate or work with a new key. Most locks have little pins inside of the lock that match the cuts of a specific key. To rekey a lock to a new key, a locksmith will just need to replace the pins inside the lock to match a new key. According to Wikipedia,  locksmith rekeying is changing a lock in order to allow a different key to operate it.

What does rekeying cost?

The cost of rekeying locks is almost always less expensive than replacing all your home or business locks. Especially for businesses, commercial locks usually require more skill to rekey or repair, therefore rekeying a business or office complex usually cost more per lock to rekey. Generally, rekeying a single lock is on average about $65-85 with mobile service. This rate could increase between $10-20 per lock depending upon your needs. Lock-picking (required when you don’t have a working key) and master keying a lock (allows for multiple keys to work a lock) will also increase the price of rekeying.

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Why rekey your locks?

We recommend rekeying locks when a home, business, or property owner when a home or business is bought or sold. If there is possibility that someone, either known or unknown, may have a key to your property, you should always consider rekeying. To make sure unauthorized individuals don’t have access to the property, our locksmith will change the lock pins so that only new keys will work in the lock. The list below are a few common examples of when locks should get rekeyed.

  • Recent move into a new home/apartment
  • New home purchase to remove construction keys
  • Dismissal of an employee
  • Business moves into a new property
  • Lost keys
  • Foreclosure property
  • Tenant eviction
  • Divorce

Re-key your home

We can rekey locks in homes, rental properties, and apartment complexes in all of the metro Provo, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. You don’t need to change the locks when you can rekey them to new keys.

Re-key your business

We provide lock rekeying service for retail stores, offices, industrial buildings, warehouses, and commercial office complexes. Whether you need a simple storefront glass door rekeyed or a complex master key system for a commercial building, we offer the locksmith services that you need.