What is master keying?

A master key system allows you to have multiple levels of keying for different areas of a building. Most master key systems are used to give different individuals access to different areas within a building. A common use of master keying is for apartment buildings or multi-tenant office buildings. The goal of master keying is to restrict access to rooms, areas, leased suites, or rentals within a building but still allow the owner or manager complete access to every room or apartment within a building with a single key. A master key system simply allows different levels of keys to work only on certain locks and multiple keys to work in a single lock. The diagram below details how a master keying system works.


Why master key your building?

Master keying a building, office, or apartment complex in Utah or Arizona will give your staff or owner the ability to open every door with the use of a single key. Even if you have multiple buildings, rental units, franchise stores, or offices, master keying will allow you to have access to all of these buildings with a single key. Most maintenance staff will also need a master key in order to make sure the building is functioning properly.

Considering a master key system?

If you are thinking about setting up a master key system in Utah or Arizona or have already made the decision, give us a call today as your local locksmith. Even if you already have a master key system and need someone to manage it, design a new system, takeover an existing master key system, or rekey your locks, we have a locksmith solution for you. Please contact us using the buttons below for these or any of our other locksmith services.