accesscontrolutahWhat changes the cost of keyless access control?

Doors Controlled. The biggest factor of cost in an access control system is the number of doors that need to be controlled. If you limit or control access to fewer doors and make your customers and staff only use those doors, you can save hundreds on the cost of electronic locks.

Networked vs. Standalone. You may not need an full networked access control system with a separate keypad, electronic lock, and door controller. Stand-alone systems require programming at each door and are less cost. Networked access control can be programmed from any computer on the network, are more user friendly, and cost more per door. Some door access control systems even automatically lock or unlock the door based on the time of day.

System Cost. Access Control Systems vary widely between about $800 – $2500 per door. Other factors that affect cost are the security level required, total number of doors, and features that your business may require. For example, some of these features could include audit trail history, automatic locking, keypad codes, proximity readers, smart cards, smartphone app control, offsite control, or cloud-based control.

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Keyless Door Locks

What brands of access control systems do we install?

Paxton-logo-readersControlling access into your building or office with electronic locks and access control is a smart way to minimize theft and manage who can enter your building. With our access control systems, you can give access to employees or visitors and also limit them to entering only at certain times, such as during business hours.

A keypad door lock or other electronic locks will help keep your business’s sensitive areas more secure. Whether you own a small business or are overseeing the security of multiple sites, we have an access control solution for you that fits your needs and is within your budget.

We offer access control systems from many different manufacturers and install these systems throughout Utah and Arizona. The newest electronic locks are networked IP based, which allow you to control your business from your smartphone or computer through the Internet.



Electronic Lock Installation

Stand-alone Electronic Locks
yale-revolutionAlarm_Lock_PDL3000Stand-alone electronic locks help you control access to your building or areas of your building at a more affordable cost. These electronic locks can use a keypad or even a proximity card or keyfob to unlock the door. You can even get an audit trail (stored history of who has opened the door) if you’re curious for whatever reason who has been in and out of a certain area.