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Student Solutions: ARCO and UVU

Since attaining university status in 2008, UVU has become the largest public university in the state of Utah, and an integral part of Utah Valley’s cultural growth. If you’re part of this booming student demographic, you probably live a vibrant, fast-paced life with a very busy schedule. You have to manage your time rigorously, and its not very often that you can afford any unexpected disturbances. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and every so often lock troubles come along to throw a big kink in your busy day. We at Arco Lock & Key are here to help.

Like any college campus, parking at UVU can be challenging. If you’re one of the many UVU students who lives in Provo, you depend on your car to get you across town to school every day. You’re route to school most likely includes the long, busy course down University Parkway, ending in one of UVU campuses full parking lots. If you happen to lock your keys in your car—or worse, lose them—Arco can get you back into your car and on your way at breakneck speed. You may have been told that your modern car keys can only be replaced by a dealership—costing you time and money that you don’t have. We can make replacement transponder and remote keys quickly and for a fraction of a dealer’s cost. If you’ve simply locked your keys in your car, our technicians are available 24 hours a day to assist you quickly and efficiently.

Because most UVU students live a good distance away from campus, locking yourself out of your apartment can be a real headache. Our seasoned technicians are available 24 hours a day to get you past your lock and into your student residence in mere minutes. Lost your keys? No problem. We can replace them quickly and affordably so you don’t have to rely on your roommates to get in and out of your apartment. Our location is only blocks away from many of Utah County’s most popular student residencies, making us your prime candidate for all your locksmith needs. When you’re in a bind, Call Us right away.

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