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Reasons to Install Electronic Locks at Your Home

Electronic locks offer a keyless, hassle-free security option for your home’s front and back door, and they most frequently come in push button key code and touchscreen style varieties. They offer many advantages over their traditional counterparts, and they can even add to the security of your home. Here are just a few reasons that electronic locks might be a perfect option for your home’s front and back door locks.

No need to carry a key

The most obvious advantage of having electronic key code or touchscreen locks is of course no longer needing to carry a key with you to get in and out of your home. This means less hassle for you, as well as extra security in those cases where losing a key might have resulted in it finding its way into the wrong hands. With the need to carry a key eliminated, those who come into contact with your keys—valet drivers, for example—won’t have the opportunity to copy your house key for later use.

No need for a spare key

Since it’s virtually impossible for you to lose or misplace the means for entering your home when you have electronic locks, you no longer need to keep a spare key with a neighbor or hide a spare key in an inconspicuous location outside of your home. Eliminating the need for a spare key is another way to increase the security of your home because burglars won’t be able to use a spare key hidden on your property to break into your home.

Easily let others into your home

Electronic locks also offer the convenience of being able to let friends and extended family members into your home in your absence. You won’t need to take your house key to them, print additional keys, or leave your door unlocked. Instead, you can share your key code with others at your discretion.

Easy security updates

Want to change the key code that provides access to your home? No problem. Changing a key code on an electronic lock is much easier and more cost effective than paying a professional to rekey your locks.

More convenient

Needless to say, no longer having to rummage for your keys to lock or unlock your door makes your day run more seamlessly. Electronic door locks also often light up as needed, meaning you’ll no longer have to struggle to unlock your front door on a dark front porch.

Emergency backup options

Some are concerned about the possibility of an electronic lock failing in the event of a power failure, but many electronic locks feature built-in backup batteries that eliminate this type of emergency. Electronic locks often include a traditional key feature as well for those who would like to always have the backup option of using a key.

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