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How Smartphone Controlled Security Systems Work

It’s incredible tracking when new possibilities advances in technology are constantly opening up, and smart home security systems are no exception. If you’ve ever wondered just how comprehensive a home security system can be or how your phone can be integrated into just such a system, read on to get some answers.

Disarm and Arm Your System from Anywhere

With the download of an app on your phone, you can check the status of your security system and arm and disarm it from anywhere—even while you’re traveling abroad.

Control More Than Just the Alarm

A smartphone controlled alarm system doesn’t stop at the alarm; you can also control the lights, locks, and thermostat while you’re on the go, keeping you connected with your home wherever you are. Imagine turning on your porch light from  your office desk while working late one evening, or setting your garage lights to flick on and off at the trigger of an alarm. Or what if you could set your locks to lock themselves at the same time every night? And what about saving energy throughout the day by turning on your thermostat just an hour before you get home? With the combination of a smart security system and an app-ready mobile device, all of these things are possible.

Track the Location of Vehicles and Precious Valuables

The security systems of today also offer accessories to help you track vehicles and valuable items if they’re stolen. This is made possible with the installation of a vehicle or asset tracking device, which can then be monitored with your smartphone app. Vehicle trackers in particular are remarkable in that they can be set to send you an alert by email or text when a vehicle goes over a certain speed limit or leaves a predetermined geographical area—a great solution for keeping tabs on teenage drivers.

See a Live Video Stream

Smart security system apps can also be connected to your video surveillance system so that you can keep an eye on loved ones or on your property from anywhere you are.

Get Alerts Sent to Your Phone

Smart home security systems were made to give you peace of mind, and with the option to receive a text when your system detects breaking glass, a moved valuable object, or even a gas leak, you can now have more peace of mind than ever. You can even be alerted of things like your child getting home safely from school.

One of the many services we here at ARCO Lock and Key offer is alarm system installation. If you’re in the Provo or Orem, Utah, area and need a new alarm system installed in your home with all of the modern conveniences, we’re here to help.

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