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Tips To Avoid Locking Your Keys in Your Car

We’ve all been there, looking through the side windows of our vehicles at the rings of keys sitting mockingly right where they fell out of our pockets or were forgotten on the seat. Believe us, even locksmiths sometimes lock their keys in their cars, so we understand how unbelievably frustrating it can be, especially if you have somewhere to be. Do you make a habit of locking your keys in your car? Perhaps your teenager calls you every other week to borrow the spare key you have to his or her vehicle, or maybe you’re just tired of your spouse charging unlocks to your credit card all of the time. For everyone in your life who regularly locks their keys in their cars, we offer these simple and effective tips.

Tips To Avoid Locking Your Keys In Your Car 

  • Check Every Door: The first thing you want to do when you think you’ve locked your keys in your vehicle is to try to open every single door. Most likely, they will all be locked, but you don’t want to spend the time and money to get your car unlocked by a professional if your back passenger door was actually open the whole time, right? Most late-model vehicles lock every door with one push of the key fob button, but many older models only lock the driver’s door on the first push. There’s no harm in giving it a try.  
  • Check Your Key Fob: First off, no you cannot leave your key fob in the car. You need it in your hands to access your car, but if you ever find that the electronic system isn't working you should take a look at your key fob. If you start your car with the fob, there is likely an actual key hidden away in the remote, so before you call up a car locksmith to help you get into your vehicle, make sure your key fob hasn’t been hiding your solution all along. If your fob has a key inside, there will be a switch or button to extract the key.
  • Hide a Spare Key on the Vehicle: All right, for this one, your keys are actually locked in your car, you’ve checked every door, and your key fob is in the car, so no luck on that front. What now? At this point, your only chance at getting into your car without the help of a locksmith is a spare. Your first spare key option is to hide one somewhere on the outside of your vehicle. There are many products available made specifically for hiding keys on vehicles. When placing your key, avoid using the first half dozen or so locations you think of as these are the first places a thief is going to look.
  • Keep a Spare Key on Yourself: A second spare key option is to keep one somewhere on yourself. Careful types can opt to keep this key worn around their necks. Other good places for spare keys include in your purse or wallet. You can also keep your spare car key in your work desk or locker or even at home, but on your person is the best option, as it ensures you will always have the spare when you need it. After all, a spare key in your house doesn’t do you much good if you’ve also locked your house keys inside of your car.  
  • Give a Spare to a Trusted Friend: If neither of these spare key options catches your fancy, then eliminate the spare key from your responsibility, and give it to a friend. If you’re married, have your spouse put a spare key for your vehicle on his or her keychain, and do this yourself for your kids’ vehicles. Another option would be to give the spare to a close friend or neighbor. The two things you want to consider with this tip are proximity and trust. You don’t want to give your spare car key to your mom who lives across the state even though you trust her the most, and you also don’t want to give a spare key to a neighbor you’ve never really talked to.
  • Lock Your Doors From the Outside: To avoid locking your keys in your vehicle in the first place, simply get in the habit of locking your car from the outside using your key fob or the key itself. This way, your keys will be removed from the vehicle before it even gets locked. If your car doesn’t have a remote, try to get in the habit of always exiting your car with your keys in a specific hand.

We hope these tips help you avoid locking your keys in your car, but we also know that life can be a cruel mistress, so we’re here to offer you unlock services 24/7. At ARCO Lock & Security, we provide high-quality, quick car locksmith services. We’ll get you back into your car and on your way efficiently and without damaging your lock or door. Please call or contact us online.

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