– Includes Mobile Service,

 – Up to 6 Keyholes Re-keyed

 – 4 New Keys

This all-inclusive Rekey service is available to REALTORS and their clients in Utah County and Salt Lake County. This Rekey Service includes a locksmith service call to the property, Re-keying up to 6 keyholes (including deadbolts & doorknobs), and making 4 new key copies. You can have your property rekeyed in 48 hours or less. Call our team of locksmith experts at 801-374-2986 to order or schedule online by clicking below.


$79 Rekey Service Special Explained

Re-keying a home is sometimes referred to changing the locks or changing the keys. Re-keying locks means changing the internal pins of a door lock so the old key will no longer open the lock. The lock pins are replaced to match with a new different key. The deadbolts, knobs, and hardware are not replaced—only the internal pins that match the new key. Rekeying home locks is a low cost and affordable way to change the keys to your home or rental property.

Why Should You Rekey?

• Lost, stolen or un-returned keys.
• One key to open all the locks.
• Affordable way to get new keys.
• New home and want to insure no one else has a key.
• Tenant turnover of a leased property.
• Firing cleaning or service companies.
• Roommate moved out.
• Comply with local or state property codes.

This $79 Re-key service is good for most cities along the I-15 corridor. A minimal trip fee may apply for outlying cities. This service assumes there is an old working key. Lockpicking, lockouts, and taxes are not included in this special rate. Commercial properties may incur additional labor fees depending on hardware type and for high security locks and keys. Call for more details.


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